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Cinco Animal Hospital is proud to offer state-of-the art, full-service veterinary care personalized to meet the unique needs of each one of our patients - domestic or exotic. For more information on any of our services, or if you have a question regarding a service that is not listed here, please call us at 281-395-4700. If you need a veterinarian to make a house call, we recommend Dr. Jen Webb at Dr. Jen's Veterinary House Call Practice.

Allergy Testing


Allergies can affect your pet just like they can affect you. Cinco Animal Hospital can conduct complete allergy testing and provide treatment as needed to keep your pet feeling healthy and happy all year long.


Aging Pets (Geriatrics)


As our pets grow older, their needs begin to change. We offer advice and services that fit the unique needs of aging pets so that they can live life to its fullest.




Good oral hygiene is critical to your pet's good health. We provide dental exams and cleaning to make sure that your pet's teeth and mouth stay strong and healthy. We also stock oral hygiene kits that make it easy for you to maintain your pet's oral health at home.


Dermatology (Skin Care)


Skin conditions can be annoying for your pet. They can also lead to infections. We have all of the equipment in-house to take a sample, diagnose and treat your pet's skin so that he/she will be comfortable and beautiful.


Diagnostic / Lab Testing


Our in-house lab equipment allows us to complete all testing on-site. This ensures that you will not have to carry you injured or ill pet to multiple locations, minimizes costs, and expedites how quickly the results are available. We are able to screen for known parasites, heartworm disease, feline leukemia, feline AIDS, and any internal organ diseases. Click here to see images of our diagnostic area and in-house lab.


Drop Off Services


Strapped for time? No problem! Multi-tasking is easy with our drop off service. You can drop off your pet and we will complete the necessary services while you shop or work.

Emergency Care


With Dr. Lee's experience in emergency medicine, you can be sure that your pet is in very good hands in the event of an emergency.


Immunizations / Vaccinations


Making sure that your pet is current on all vaccinations is an important part of keeping him/her healthy. At Cinco Animal Hospital we use the most current vaccine strains available to make sure that your pet (and the rest of your family) are protected.


Lost and Found Pets


Pets are separated from their homes every day. We try to minimize the amount of time that pets are lost by posting lost and found pets on a bulletin board in the front of our office. If you have lost your pet or have found one wandering in Cinco Ranch, Grand Lakes, Seven Meadows or another local Katy neighborhood, let us know. We will post a picture, description and contact information on our board to help pets and their owners reunite as quickly as possible. We can also scan found pets to see if they have a microchip. For information on lost and found pets, call us at 281-395-4700 or email Dr. Lee.




In an effort to ensure that our furry family members are always reunited with their families, we offer the internationally recognized HomeAgain ISO microchip made by Merck.




These days there is a lot of talk about the importance of nutrition for people. The same holds true for our pets. We can offer advice on proper nutrition for your pet to ensure that they live a healthy and active life. We also offer prescription diets for our patients who have special nutritional requirements.


Obesity Management


Obesity can shorten the life of any pet. We offer advice and treatment to ensure that your pet maintains a healthy weight.


Preventative Medicine


The old saying goes "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." And the best way to protect your pet against future illness is through preventative medicine. We carry a variety of preventative items including flea and tick products, heartworm prevention, healthy treats and oral hygiene kits.


Puppy and Kitten Care


A new puppy or kitten can add joy and excitement to any family. But they don't come with an owner's manual! Cinco Animal Hospital can provide you with all of the tools and advice necessary to help your new pet become an integral part of your family.


Spaying and Neutering


It is important to spay or neuter your pet. This not only prevents overpopulation, but also lessens the risks to your pet as they are less likely to leave your property (or attract other animals) in search of a mate. We have all of the equipment in-house to safely and quickly complete this procedure.




With Dr. Lee's many years of experience in soft tissue and orthopedic surgery and our state-of-the-art surgical suite, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the very best in care should surgery become necessary. Click here to view a picture of our surgical suite.




Our ultrasound equipment allows us to scan your pet's body so that we can "see" him/her internally. This is very helpful in learning your pet's body structure and diagnosing illnesses. And Cinco Animal Hospital is proud to offer these services in-house!


Well Pet Exam


Annual exams are important to your pet's continued good health. During an annual exam, we administer all of the required immunizations to protect your pet from dangerous diseases and examine him/her for potentially hidden health issues. Annual exams can allow us to discover and treat new issues before they become a real danger to your pet. Our exams are comprehensive and customized to your pet. Records are kept within our computerized, paperless system which allows Dr. Lee to review and update records without leaving the exam room. To view images of some of our exam rooms, click here.


X-Rays (Radiology)


We now offer Digital X-Ray Services!! Radiology can be an important tool in determining the cause of illness or injury. Our on-site radiology department allows us to complete x-rays at our clinic so there is no need to carry your sick or injured pet to multiple locations. Click here to see a picture of our radiology equipment.